• Privacy Policy

    Growth Design NYC is a presentation of Think Design and Agile Projects LLC.


    The legal entity of Growth Design NYC is Agile Projects LLC.


    All parties and organizations involved with administering Growth Design NYC hold policy as not to use subscriber or participant or visitor information for any purpose other than its intended and authorized purpose, as agreed to by the subscriber or participant or visitor.


    None of the information acquired by Growth Design NYC, Think Design, or Agile Projects LLC—personal or potentially sensitive—is shared at any time or in any manner with outside parties. All privacy laws are adhered to as governed by the state of New York.


    Growth Design NYC occasionally collects opt-in Name and Email Address via partner promotion, and also occasionally collects opt-in survey information on growthdesign.nyc. In both cases, information is never shared with outside parties, and subscribers may opt out or unsubscribe at any time via an unsubscribe link in email, or by emailing unsubscribeGDNYC@agileprojects.co.

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